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We do not charge deposits for rented cars, also for replacement vehicles – from the third party insurance of the perpetrator of the accident. Where the Customer is not a Polish citizen, we charge a deposit in the amount of PLN 500 for cars from A and B segments; PLN 1,000 – for cars from C, C+, C+ (Estate) segments; PLN 1,500 – for cars from D, D+, D (Estate), SUV, MVan, P, R segments; As regards the Premium segment – a deposit in the amount of PLN 3,000 is charged.
The car should be returned with the same fuel level as when it was picked up.
To rent a car you have to be at least 21 years old and hold a driving license for at least one year.
To rent a car you have to produce a driving license confirming that you are permitted to drive a car, and one more identity document: an identity card or passport.
The validity of driving licenses in Poland is governed by EU regulations with respect to all Member States, and the provisions of the Vienna Convention as regards other countries. Holders of a driving license other than those mentioned in the aforementioned directives should produce an international driving license.
Yes. It is the customer who decides where the car is to be picked up. Our cars can be picked up in 15 cities in Poland – at airports, railway and bus stations, and any other location specified by the Customer.
You will know the total rental cost once you have booked a car online using the form available on our website.
Yes, all cars which you can rent in our company have the necessary insurance, i.e. no fault insurance, third party insurance, accident insurance and assistance coverage.
There is no limit on mileage in the case of short-term rental, i.e. up to 30 days. A limit on mileage applies to short-term rental, i.e. longer than one month. This is usually 3,000 km and can be increased at the customer's request.
If you pick up the car at the airports in Warsaw and Krakow, as well as in our offices, you do not have to pay any extra charge. The price for delivering cars to specific locations in other cities depends on rental duration.
Before you pick up the car, our representative contacts you by phone to arrange the location where the car is to be delivered. The representative has both a proper agreement and a vehicle handover record. The customer signs the aforementioned documents when the car is handed over.
Yes. Our offer includes various accessories which can be useful during the trip, both GPS devices and car seats for children in various weight ranges.
You can pay for a booked car in three ways:
- using “Przelewy 24” website – this feature can be found in the customer’s panel
- by making a traditional bank transfer to the bank account no.: 90 8520 0007 2002 2002 2790 0001
- by a debit or credit card while picking up the car.
Yes. This option is free of charge. You should, however, notify the consultant thereof at the time of booking or while picking up the car, at the latest. To this end, you have to send an identity document and a valid driving license of the extra driver.
Yes. Before you leave Poland, you should, however, call our hotline to get permission for travelling by our car to a specific country.
You have to secure the vehicle. The user of the car is required to immediately contact the lessor and call the police to the scene of the accident. In order to avoid high costs related with the car’s repair you can buy additional insurance – loss damage waiver – with which the customer is not charged with the cost of repair. This insurance is available in our offer.
Yes. You should report such a request to our consultant at least one day prior to the lapse of the rental period specified in the agreement. To have the car rental period extended you have to pay in advance for the additional rental period by making:
– an online bank transfer
– a payment at one of the lessor’s offices
– a payment at BZWBK bank to the bank account no.: 64 1090 2590 0000 0001 3114 0032
You should us for necessary assistance. Where the car is not suitable for use on the road, you will be given a replacement car.



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